ASD is born

On Sunday 23rd of July, 2017a group of scientists, participants and organizers of the DrosAfrica – ICGEB workshop “Drosophila melanogaster in Biomedical research: low cost and profitable” at the University of Ibadan (Oyo State, Nigeria), agreed to found the African Society of Drosophilists during a meeting at the Zoological Gardens of the University of Ibadan. The initial board elected is composed of the following:

ASD Executive Board
President: Prof. Samuel B. Olaleye
Chairperson: Dr. Marta Vicente-Crespo
Vice Chairperson: Prof. Ahmed Adedeji
Secretary: Dr. Amos Abolaji

ASD Regional/Country Representatives:
Nigeria: A.P. Wuyep Ponchang
Rwanda: Blessing Pereye
Ghana: Magdalene Dogbe
Uganda: Oskar Asiimwe

ASD International Advisory Board Members:
Dr. Isabel Palacios
Dr. Maria Dolores Martin Bermudo
Dr. David Foronda
Dr. Tim Weil
Dr. Silvia Muñoz-Descalzo
Dr. Fabian Feiguin
Dr. Santiago Nahuel Villegas Nieto